5 Advantages Of Corrugated Boxes For Commercial Shipping And Storage

5 June 2015
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When you are moving one of your business locations or storing inventory, choosing a packaging material is one of the first major decisions you will need to make. While many business owners have turned to plastic shipping containers, corrugated fiberboard is a tried-and-true option with significant merits. Here are five advantages of corrugated boxes to consider when you are looking for your next packing and shipping solution.

Structural Integrity

Many people think that "corrugated" and "cardboard" are interchangeable terms for the same type of packaging, but this is not the case. Traditionally, cardboard is used to describe one- or two-ply paper stock used in cereal boxes and other small consumer products. Unlike cardboard, corrugated fiberboard consists of a fluted medium between two paper liners.

Corrugated fiberboard has a great structural integrity advantage over traditional cardboard. The fluted medium creates a cushion of air inside the material that helps to protect packaged items from fall damage and rough handling. Additionally, the medium makes corrugated boxes excellent for stacking without collapsing from the weight of boxes above them.

Lightweight Handling and Shipping

While plastic shipping containers and wooden crates provide excellent protection for items being shipped and stored, they have one major disadvantage when compared to corrugated boxes: weight. Because corrugated boxes are lightweight, the commercial movers that you hire will be able to complete the job more quickly and there will be a lower risk of damage from dropped items. Additionally, corrugated boxes will have a much lower shipping cost because they are lightweight.

Affordable and Eco-Friendly

Corrugated boxes are one of the most affordable shipping options available. For large-scale moving projects, you can minimize expenses by ordering wholesale shipments of corrugated boxes. Ordering wholesale can provide you with enough boxes to move multiple business locations at a minimal cost.

The low production cost of corrugated boxes primarily comes from the fact that, on average, they are made from 47 percent recycled material. This also means you can ship damaged or worn-out corrugated boxes to a recycling center to dispose of them with little impact on the environment. Shipping and storing with corrugated boxes is an excellent way to promote your business as a green company.

Printing and Graphics

Corrugated fiberboard is highly receptive to flexographic and silkscreen printing. Corrugated boxes can be printed with your company name, logo, slogan, and contact information to provide effective marketing while your items are in transit. You can also print bar codes and reference numbers on your boxes as a permanent means of identifying and organizing items in storage.

Custom Box Options

One of the greatest strengths of corrugated boxes is that they can be customized to create ideal shipping and storing solutions for a diverse range of items. One of the simplest customization methods is compartmentalizing, where dividers are installed in boxes so that related items can be shipped in a single box but remain separated. Compartmentalizing can also reduce shipping costs by allowing you to use less packing material when shipping small items.

More advanced customization options for corrugated boxes include anti-static layers and flame-resistant coatings. Anti-static layers are an excellent option for shipping electronics that could potentially be damaged by electrostatic discharge. Flame-resistant coatings greatly improve the chances that your items will be recoverable if there is a fire in the warehouse where they are stored.

Corrugated boxes, which are sold by companies like Associated Paper & Supply, provide an excellent shipping and storing solution for business owners in virtually any industry. Keep these advantages in mind the next time you are moving one of your business locations so you can choose the packaging option that is most practical and cost-effective for your company.