Six Things That Will Impact The Amount Your Gun Safe Costs You

2 July 2021
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A gun safe is an important investment to make if you want a safe and convenient way to store your firearms. Gun safes can vary widely in price, and there are numerous factors that impact how much one will cost you. 

Set a budget and research the market carefully to find a safe that meets your needs at an affordable price. The following are six things that will impact the amount your gun safe costs you. 


The size of your gun safe is going to impact the price. The larger it is, the more it is likely to cost. If you have quite a few guns to store, you're going to want to invest in a larger safe to fit them all. 


Gun safes can offer a variety of special features. These can include a soft interior fabric lining that enhances the appearance of the safe while also helping to prevent damage to your firearms. Gun safes can also offer lighting features that put your gun collection on display. 

Maintenance and service needs

You might need to have your safe maintained or serviced through the years. Mechanical parts of a safe may need to be serviced by a locksmith at some point. Locksmith services will be especially important if you misplace your safe key. 

You can minimize maintenance and service costs by cleaning and dusting your gun safe regularly and making sure you don't lose your key. 

Installation and shipping costs

A gun safe is large and heavy. This means that it can be expensive to ship and complicated to install. Costs are going to be higher if you're having a particularly large safe shipped a long distance. Costs may also be higher if you pay for installation rather than installing the safe yourself. 

Security level

The more security a safe offers, the more it will cost. Some safes offer higher levels of security because they are manufactured with thicker steel. Other factors that make gun safes safer include stronger locking mechanisms or locking bars. 

It's important to invest in a quality safe with a high level of security even if it drives the cost up. 

Fire protection

Gun safes are generally designed with some level of gun protection. Safes are designed to protect the guns inside from fire damage for a certain period of time, for example.

Some safes have a fire protection rating indicating that they can keep guns undamaged for several hours in a fire. Choosing a gun safe with a good fire protection rating is a good idea because it provides an added level of safety and security.

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