Having a Water Well Drilled? What You Can Expect to Happen

16 September 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you are having a water well drilled on your property and you have never had this done before, it can help to know what you can expect. The first thing the contractor will do is choose the best spot to install your new well.  The contractor will look for an elevated area to drill the well. This is important as the elevation makes rain and any other type of water drain away from the well. If water were to get inside the well, this will cause the water to be contaminated and undrinkable. Below are the steps the contractor will take to get your well installed.

1. Drill Your Well

When the contractor chooses the best spot to install your well the drilling will then begin. There are different types of drilling machines that can be used but all the machines drill down deep into the ground.  Everything that is removed from the digging site, such as the soil, rocks, etc. will be placed in a dumpster or put in a pile if you want to use this soil. 

2. Install Casing

When the contractor finishes drilling a casing is then installed. The casing is made of plastic or metal and is a pipe. The pipe is inserted into the hole until it reaches groundwater. Once the pipe is deep enough, the contractor puts a well cap on the opening to prevent soil and other debris from getting inside the pipe.   

3. Clean the Well

After installing the casing, the contractor will then clean the well. They will use either water or air to do this. They use a special type of machine to blast the water or air into the well to remove all debris, sediment, etc. 

4. Install the Pump

After cleaning the well a pump is then installed. This pump is one of the most important parts of the well as this is what delivers the water through the plumbing pipes inside your home. The contractor may suggest that they also install a pressure tank. This tank will store water for you and helps control the pump so the pump functions better. The last thing the contractor will do is to test your water to make sure it is safe for you and your family to drink.

Talk to a local water well drilling contractor to learn much more about how they will install your well.