Repairing Neon Signs: 3 Common Causes And Solutions For Flickering Lights

9 March 2016
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If you're looking for a business sign that simply can't be ignored, you can't go wrong with neon signs. Ever since neon signage was introduced to the U.S. in 1923, it has made a huge impact. Neon signs are not only attention-grabbing, but they can be seen in all weather conditions. Neon lights can even cut through fog. With that being said, if your neon lights are flickering, not only is your sign not grabbing any attention, but it is also in danger of needing expensive repairs if the flickering issue is not dealt with immediately. Read More 

Five Ways To Reduce Your Small Store’s Heating And Cooling Bills

6 August 2015
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If you run a small to medium-sized store, chances are good that you're paying more than you need to for heating and cooling. Follow these five tips to reduce your heating and cooling costs, so you can have more money left to put back into your business. Switch to closed freezers and coolers, rather than open-chest varieties. Chest coolers and freezers are convenient for customers because they let them see their options and grab products without having to open a door. Read More 

Helping Children Feel Secure In A Long-Distance Move

10 June 2015
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Moving is one of life's necessities, but its unavoidable nature doesn't make it any easier on the emotions--especially for children. Uprooting a child from all that is familiar and placing them in new terrain can be a terrifying experience. But with a few strategies, a parent can help make the transition a positive one. Set The Example The first thing to do is set the example with how you manage your own emotions and fears. Read More 

The 6 Most Common Misconceptions About Green Burial Cemeteries

28 May 2015
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With a well-developed industry built around embalming and expensive caskets, it's no wonder that there are a number of myths being spread around to discourage people from choosing a green burial alternative. Understanding the facts about this emerging new option for post-mortem care is crucial before you make a decision between green and conventional burial methods. Discover the truth behind these misconceptions to get a bigger picture of what's available for you and your family. Read More