How Can You Get Help Relocating Your Small Business?

27 May 2015
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Whether you've outgrown your original retail space or simply want to transition to a more advantageous location, you may be wondering where to begin the process of moving your business. The thought of finding and leasing a new space and then shutting down your business for days (or even weeks) while you move and set up your inventory and equipment can be overwhelming. And how can you best inform your customers you're switching locations so you don't lose them to a nearby competitor? Read on to learn more about the business relocation industry and how these services may be able to help you. 

What do business relocation companies do?

Business relocation companies, like personal or household moving companies, are designed to help make the process of physically relocating a business as simple and streamlined as possible. 

However, in addition to the logistics required to move large items from one building to another, these businesses can help with other aspects of your move -- from advertising and promotions to changes on social media and listing websites. Unlike household moves, business moves must have a more public face, as you don't want your customers mistakenly relying on old data and showing up at your former location months after you've moved. 

What services should you investigate before moving your business?

Most business relocation companies offer a variety of levels of service, from full-service (scouting new locations, advertising the address change, and physically moving the equipment and inventory) to piecemeal, where you're able to receive assistance in just one or two steps of the process.

Putting the physical components of the move aside, some of the most important services these companies provide are social-media based. A relocation company can help scan the Internet for any websites mentioning your business and ensure the correct contact information is listed. The relocation company may also request access to your business's social media account to ensure any followers are aware of this move well before the big day.

Another important service involves employee relations. When faced with the move of their employer, employees can become nervous -- what will their new commute be like? How long will the business be closed, and will it be ready to reopen on schedule? A relocation company can ensure the message you send your employees is clear and reassuring. 

How can using a business relocation company save you money?

If you feel you can save money and improve your bottom line by performing the move yourself, you may want to think again. In the long run, the cost of hiring a business relocation company can often be dwarfed by the cost of the downtime required to perform each of the steps associated with this move yourself. 

When you're required to shut your business down -- even for just a few days -- your employees may become nervous at the upcoming changes or upset at the lack of pay for their time off. By performing the move yourself, you also face the risk of unforeseen circumstances during the moving process that can delay your reopening, confusing customers and frustrating staff. In fact, if your business is unexpectedly shut down for longer than expected and you have no work to assign your employees, they may even qualify for unemployment compensation (and you may be at fault for failing to provide adequate notice of the lengthy closure). 

But by engaging a company that can help you present a consistent and positive message to your employees and the public, you'll ensure your loyal customers follow you to your new location without fail.

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