Online Property Management Software: Receive Your Rental Payments And Maintenance Calls Hassle-Free

27 May 2015
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If you currently receive your rental payments through the office or maintenance emergency calls by voice mail, you should consider hiring a property management company, like Harland Property Management, right away. A property management company can use the latest software to set up a professional website for your business. The software makes it easier for your renters to pay rent and request emergency maintenance services any time of the day and night. You benefit as well when you receive your rent payments on time and prevent the expensive losses that can occur from major plumbing mishaps. Here are benefits of using property management software.

Keep Rental Payments on Time

Giving your tenants the ability to pay their rent payments online helps them stay current on their rental payments, especially if they can't get to your office during business hours. Renters who rely on disability payments may benefit from your online payment software the most. If these tenants can't ambulate, drive or get to your office on time because of their health conditions, they can pay at home from their laptops and desktop computers. 

To make the process more convenient for your disabled tenants, add special features to your payment software that let them schedule automatic bank transfers each month. Your tenants can choose the date of the automatic payments that suit their needs the most. 

A number of other renters receive their paychecks and earnings by check card, debit card and direct deposit. Having to pull funds from an automated teller may not be cost-effective for your renters, especially if your tenants are on a budget. These renters can incur unaffordable late fees when they can't make it to the office on time. 

All of your tenants can use special apps to make payments to you through their cell phones, tablets or computers. Your tenants simply log into their online resident accounts, choose the payment feature, and then input the amount they wish to pay.

If the tenants prefer, they can obtain card readers to pay their rental payments. Your property management software will require tenants to log in through a secure account, choose the payment type, then swipe their cards to pay. It's a convenient way to stop late monthly payments.

Making and receiving rent payments are just to reasons to use property management software. Managing and prioritizing your maintenance emergencies is another.

Manage and Prioritize Maintenance Emergencies

If your maintenance team takes care of emergencies as they receive them through a voice mail system, you can run into huge problems with your buildings and finances. Instead of taking care of problems that can flood and damage your property substantially, your maintenance team may end up solving minor problems first. To protect your business and eliminate expensive repairs, your should use a system that lets you prioritize each maintenance call by its severity. 

Your property management software can help you develop a stronger maintenance program that communicates directly with your team. The software gives you a chance to set up an emergency maintenance system that interacts directly with your technicians laptops, tablets or cell phones. All your tenants need to do is log into their online accounts, complete a quick questionnaire about their emergency problem, and then submit it to maintenance. 


When you choose a property management software program for your housing or apartment business, add features that let you keep accounting records of all the rent payments and maintenance expenses you receive or incur each month. The features will help you complete your business taxes at the end of the year.

Keeping your business running smoothly each month is essential. If you want to know more about the software and its benefits, contact your property management team today.