Tips For Proper Application Of Adhesive Labels On Your Product Bottles

27 May 2015
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When you're building a solid retail business and trying to establish your brand, making sure that your company is recognized is important. Although it may seem like labeling glass bottles is a simple task, the truth is that applying adhesive bottle labels so that they are centered, straight and smooth can be difficult. Luckily, there are some tips that will help you get those labels on straight without any air pockets or wrinkles. Here's a look at what you should know to get those labels right the first time.

Clean Is Key

If you're trying to put a label on a bottle that's dirty or has adhesive residue on it, it's going to be harder to get the label to stick. Even skin oils can interfere with the proper placement of the label, because any label that doesn't stick well is likely to slip or sit crooked on the bottle. To get rid of any residue left on the bottle, you can soak it in a solution of hot water and a grease-cutting detergent for several hours.

After soaking, scrub the surface with a non-abrasive cleaning pad. Then, rinse it clean. If there's any adhesive left behind, rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth will usually clear it away. Once washed, place the bottles upside down on a drying rack to dry thoroughly.

Preparation Is Important

Keep your bottles at room temperature for a day before you try to affix labels. If you are trying to put an adhesive label on a bottle that's cold, the condensation and shift in temperatures may keep the adhesive from sticking.

Choose labels that are sized properly for the bottles you're using. If the label is going to cross the lip on the bottle, it means the label is too wide. Putting any kind of adhesive label across the lip increases your chances of bubbles underneath the surface. Trim the label if necessary so that it fits properly.

Positioning Is Essential

One of the easiest ways to make sure your label is straight is to align the edges of the label with the seam on the bottle. Most glass bottles have a seam that runs vertically down the bottle from the top of the lip to the base. One easy way to line the label up with the seam is to start with the bottle laying on its side with the seam facing up toward you. Place the edge of the label against the seam so that it is straight. Then, carefully work the rest of the label around.

Adhere the label by working in small pieces. Start by sticking the outside edge of the label along the seam. Then, once you're confident that the label is aligned correctly, it's time to start sealing the rest of the label around the bottle. Stand the bottle upright to simplify the process.

Slide your finger along the surface of the label, pressing it to the bottle as you go. Slowly and steadily, affix the label all the way around the bottle. Your finger is the best tool for this, because you can apply even, consistent pressure the whole time.

Adhesive labels can be difficult to place on bottles without any flaws in the final product. It takes patience and a steady hand to ensure that they are applied properly. If you are in a hurry, you're probably going to have air pockets and uneven lines in your labels. Whether you are applying a large label on the center of the bottle or just a sleeve on the neck of the bottle, these tips are sure to help you put it in place correctly so that it is straight and smooth.

For more tips or instructions, you may want to talk to your label manufacturer. You can visit to learn more.