Tip To Help You Handle Your Teen's Messy Bedroom Years

2 June 2015
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A messy bedroom seems to be the emblem of teens across America. Although the outward display of disarray reflects the inward confusion and emotion many teens experience, for parents, it seems to be an outright show of disrespect. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome the distress of your teen's disorganized years.

Look at the Bright Side

To you, your teenager's mess is an unbearable sight. Perhaps it even includes a nose-wrinkling smell dependent on the amount of dirty laundry piled across the floor (and the bed, the tops of dressers, and the shelves). However, your teen's messy room may bear another meaning…creativity!

According to one researcher, a messy room indicates a creative mind, which might explain why some of history's most creative minds were surrounded by clutter – Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, and Steve Jobs.

In other words, your teen's mess is not a reflection of disrespect. Aside from symbolizing the internal mess they are currently experiencing resulting from raging hormones, their mess may indicate a creative mind.

Another bright side is, if your teen's mess is contained to his or her room and they help you maintain the cleanliness of the rest of the house, you have less to fret about. Keep in mind that there is a difference between clutter and a pigsty. If your teen's room is filled with old food and wrappers, you will need to put your foot down.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

At some point in your life, you have likely heard the phrase, "Don't cry over spilled milk." Of course, a spilled bottle of nail polish may seem more consequential in your circumstance. What parent wants to be reminded of their teen's disorganization by seeing a bright splotch on the floor?

Although teenagers are not as clumsy as younger children, spills are likely to occur, especially in the bedroom. From spilled nail polish to spilled drinks, you are going to feel ready to pull your hair out. However, it is best not to sweat the small stuff.

Luckily, spilled nail polish is not as detrimental as you might think. You can remove the stain by doing the following:

  • Wet the spot: Grab a rag and saturate the stain in cold water.
  • Spray the spot: Generously spray the stain with hair spray, typically between 15 and 20 pumps.
  • Splash the spot: Add a few small splashes of rubbing alcohol.
  • Scrub the spot: Apply elbow grease and scrub the spot with a bristled scrub brush.
  • Water the spot: Pour clean, cold water over the spot as your scrubbing to continuously remove the stain.
  • Repeat on the spot: Repeat this process as many times as necessary until all traces of the nail polish have vanished.

Aside from piles of clothes, a few spills here and there, and a messy bed, if your teenager is generally well behaved, has good grades, and practices proper hygiene, don't fret over the small stuff. A messy room is common, but it doesn't mean it is the end of the world.

Encourage Better Organization

Encourage your teen to keep their space a bit more organized. The following tips can help both you and your teen survive these "messy bedroom" years:

  • Buy a small trash bin: Every teen needs a trash bin in their room. From food wrappers to crumpled up school papers, it all needs somewhere to go.
  • Buy a hamper: Purchase a hamper specifically for your teen's room to reduce unsightly piles of clothing. You may have to empty the hamper yourself at least every other day to keep clothes from piling up on top of it.
  • Purchase shelving: Make sure your teen has plenty of space for doodads and knick-knacks, so they are not in a disarray throughout your teen's room.
  • Purchase containers: From storage bins to pencil holders, your teen will need plenty of items to help with organization.
  • Buy wall hooks: If you dislike seeing your teen's jackets and coats on the bedroom floor, buy wall hooks where he or she can hang their coats and jackets in an organized fashion.

Of course, eventually your teen will leave home in pursuit of college, a career, and a place of their own. When that time comes, you can sanitize and organize their space. In the meantime, if the mess is too much to bear, you could always hire the help of a maid service to keep things tidy and in their place. You can discover more on what a maid service can do for you by following the link in this article.