Storing Large Summer Items This Winter? Clean These 3 Things With A Pressure Washer First

22 September 2015
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As sunny mornings start to turn into drizzly, dreary afternoons, you may decide it's time to store your summer gear to free up space for other items, like fire pits and holiday decorations. You may also worry that the chilly rain or heavy snow will damage your seasonal belongings, resulting in rust, unsightly stains, or mold and mildew growth. Before you lug your heavy possessions to the local storage facility or clear aside some space in your garage, clean your gear with a dependable pressure washer. Here are three common summer items that can benefit from a heavy-duty power wash prior to storage.

Patio Sets

After a fun summer of frequent outdoor gatherings with family and friends, your patio chairs, benches, and tables may be in need of some serious TLC. Some patio chairs and benches have removable covers or cushions that are machine washable, but removing multiple fabric ties and attempting to cram oversized pieces of material into your washer and dryer can be difficult. Plus, you still have to scrub down the rest of the chairs, as well as the tabletop and its umbrella.

Instead of spending hours wiping down the components of your patio set or washing and drying its cushions, spray everything down with a power washer. Start at the top and work your way toward the bottom, because otherwise, you'll end up dripping dirty water down on parts that you've already cleaned. Just make sure to check the care instructions printed on the tags for your cushions or covers first, as some fabrics require dry cleaning. You may also want to spot-clean deep stains, such as spilled red wine or melted chocolate, prior to using your power washer on your patio set.

Barbecue Grills

Did you know that your barbecue grill might contain twice as many germs as your toilet seat? Make sure to thoroughly clean your grill before you put it away for the season so you don't transfer bacteria to a cramped garage or storage compartment. Leftover ash breeds bacteria, according to Medical Daily, and if you fail to cover your grill while it is not in use, animals may defecate on it. Cleaning the grill from top to bottom with a high-quality pressure washer helps fend off harmful bacteria and other unwanted organisms.

Before cleaning your grill with a pressure washing device, make sure that your grill is not on. It should be cool to the touch, so don't clean it immediately after you finish grilling some burgers or bratwursts. Take apart the grill, if possible, by carefully following the instructions in its instruction manual. After you spray each piece clean with the power washer, you may also want to disinfect it with a nontoxic disinfectant specifically designed for outdoor use. This product is often available at home improvement stores. 

Swimming Pools

Do you bathe before taking a dip in your family's pool? If the answer is no, then there may be germs in your pool. Even if you do make sure to shower before each swim, your pool might still have algae, mold, or mildew lurking beneath the water or around the pool's exterior. Before you disassemble your swimming pool or stick a cover over the top, spray the entire interior and exterior down with a pressure washer. Make sure to drain the pool water first so that you can easily access every inch of the pool's interior.

A pressure water eliminates the need for a thorough scrub with a brush or cloth, but you may still need to sanitize the pool or apply special chemicals. Review the user's manual to make sure you don't skip any steps during the cleaning process.

A pressure washer isn't just for driveways and parking lots. You can quickly and easily clean all of your seasonal items, from patio sets to swimming pools, with a high-quality pressure washing device purchased from a company like Ben's Cleaner Sales.