Want To Turn The Basement Into A Vacation Rental? Rent A Storage Unit To Avoid Clutter In Your Home

19 July 2016
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Paying a mortgage, home insurance, utilities, and all of the other expenses that you have as a homeowner can consume more money than you would like it to. Instead of trying to find a job that pays more or even pick up an additional job to get more hours, you should use your basement to create a vacation rental. In most situations, you should be able to get by without your basement and make decent money. It is helpful to get a storage unit, not just for your belongings, but to make sure your vacation rental is exceptional.

Stock Up on Seasonal Decorations

Some people who manage vacation rentals may just stick to the basics to minimize their time investment, but the only thing you need to do to start working on the rental is head downstairs. It is ideal to invest a few hours every season to decorate the rental in a way that reflects the season or upcoming holidays. You can show off photos on rental listing websites to showcase the effort you put into the place. Having a storage unit allows you to keep decorations for every situation without cluttering your home.

Provide Seasonal Options

While you will certainly satisfy your guests by going above and beyond to provide seasonal decorations, you also want to make sure they are accommodated in other ways related to the season. It is a great idea to have multiple bedding sets that you can switch throughout the year as the temperature changes. You can put out the thickest comforter in the middle of winter and use the lightest one throughout summer. Another way that you can make your rental special is by providing an iced coffee maker and snow cone machine through spring and summer, and then put out an espresso machine during fall and winter.

Accommodate Specific Needs

If you want to maximize your flexibility with guests, you will enjoy having a storage unit. Maybe you are noticing that a lot of people are requesting to bring more people along, but an additional bed or couch really does not fit into the rental without looking somewhat awkward. If the guest is willing to pay extra to have one put in, you can gain a customer and earn some extra money by having a bed in storage.

A storage unit keeps you from cluttering your home and gives you a lot of control with a vacation rental. For more information, contact a company like California Storagemasters.