Types Of Moving Boxes That Make Packing Easier

12 May 2017
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Packing for your move will go much easier if you buy an assortment of moving boxes from a moving company to store your things. This ensures the boxes are similar enough that they stack easily. Plus, moving boxes are sturdy and better suited for moving than free boxes you might collect from the delivery area of a grocery store. Here are some types of moving boxes you'll need.

Book Boxes

Book boxes are small and sturdy. They're small so you can't overload them and make them too difficult to pick up. Since they can't be overloaded, you won't have to worry about the bottoms falling out when they are filled with books or other heavy items, such as canned goods from your pantry. Although they are called book boxes, these are ideal for anything you need to move that is small and heavy.

Boxes Of Assorted Sizes

Moving boxes come in sizes small to extra-large. You'll want an assortment of these to pack your things. You can give the moving company the size of your home and a basic description of your belongings and the company will estimate how many you need. You might even be able to buy a kit that comes with a variety of moving boxes in it. The rule to packing is based on size and weight. The heavier the item, the smaller the box. The extra-large boxes should only be used for things such as pillows and comforters that take up a lot of room but don't weigh very much. Otherwise, the boxes will be too difficult to handle and they may even come apart when you lift them.

Specialty Boxes

You can buy specialty moving boxes that make packing much easier. A wardrobe box looks like a small closet. It has a bar across the top so you can pull your clothes off the rack of your closet and hang them in the box. This makes packing easy since you don't have to fold everything, and it keeps your clothes from getting wrinkled during the move. Dishpacks are small, sturdy boxes for holding your dishes, bowls, and glasses. They are made with individual cells that separate and protect the items so they won't be damaged. Picture boxes are designed to hold paintings and mirrors. Some are adjustable so you get a precise fit. If you have a large painting, you can slip a box on each end to protect it.

Having plenty of boxes and a variety of types will make packing and unpacking much easier. You'll probably need more boxes than you think you will, so it's a good idea to start packing the things you don't use early so you can better judge how many boxes you need. Then you won't have to scramble around for more boxes when it is close to moving day. In addition to moving boxes, your moving company should have other supplies you'll need too such as bubble wrap and box tape.

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