Preventing Unauthorized Access To Your Office Building

8 November 2018
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When it comes to security for your office building, you want to make sure unauthorized persons can't gain entrance to your workspace. For office buildings that are not open to the public, there are several ways you can improve security and prevent unauthorized personnel. Here are some options to discuss with your commercial locksmith.

Access Card Systems

Access card systems provide an easy way for staff to unlock doors while preventing unauthorized persons from entering the building. Access card systems can be used at the main entrance of your building, but they can also be used to restrict access to secure rooms within the business. For example, you can use access cards to keep safe rooms, cash offices, and other areas with valuables off limits. For your main entrance, consider pairing the access cards with turnstiles.

Security Turnstiles

Security turnstiles create a barrier in your lobby that helps prevent access to the elevator banks and offices. Your security staff can monitor the turnstile area to ensure no one walks over them, and access cards can be used to operate the turnstile. This option is ideal for large office buildings where having access panels on the main entrance doors can be cumbersome. Your bank of turnstiles can be positioned in front of elevators to keep the lobby clear, or they can be installed so that they span the width of the building's entrance to prevent anyone from gaining access to the lobby.

Fingerprint Or ID Scanners

Of course, you'll need to admit people who aren't employees from time to time. To make sure these people are authorized, you can use a fingerprint or ID scanner system. Your security staff can use the scanners to check visitors in and verify their identification before gaining entrance to the building. For a visitor's first time in the building, the scanner can be used to establish authorization in the building. For subsequent visits, your security staff can simply scan the fingerprint or ID card to verify the identity of each person attempting to gain entrance.

Many solutions do require the help of a full-time security staff. Be sure to discuss any changes you want to make with your security team as well as your commercial locksmith. Together, you can create a plan that keeps your office building safe and secure while also making it easier for your staff to ensure your system is working as it was intended to.

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