Why It's A Good Idea To Buy Up As Many Domain Name Extensions As You Can

22 March 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog


When you're choosing a domain name extension for your business, going with .com is often a smart choice. However, when you evaluate the other domain name extensions that are available, you may see a lengthy list. This list could include things such as .net, .ca, .org, and many others. While you may feel that selecting the .com option will give you everything that you need, you may want to think strongly about buying up many of the other extensions, too. Often, you'll be able to do so at a discount, given that many hosting services will bundle extensions for buyers. Here are some reasons that this mass-buying approach is a good idea.

It Helps People To Find You

There will be people who seek to find your website by typing what they think is your full URL, only to do so incorrectly. For example, someone who lives in Canada may type .ca at the end of your domain name without necessarily realizing that you use .com. This could cause the person to reach a dead link, at which point he or she may decide not to search for your website any longer. However, if you buy multiple domain name extensions and set them all up so that they route the user to your main site, this won't be an issue.

It Prevents Scammers

Depending on the popularity of your site, it's possible that someone could attempt to impersonate you with the goal of either hurting your business or making some quick money. For example, if you have your .com website, someone may buy .net and register it with the same name as your site. This may mean that some people visit, for example, ABCrepairs.net instead of your site, ABCrepairs.com, leading to all sorts of confusion. When you buy up multiple domain name extensions from a domain name broker, this issue won't occur.

It Allows For Expansion

There may come a time that you're interested in expanding your business into other countries. Having the domain name extensions bought in advance of this decision means that you'll be all set to make this big move. If you were to wait, it's possible that your preferred domain name with a specific country's extension — .ca or .co.uk, for example — could already be taken. This would result in you having to scramble to come up with a viable solution, which may delay the speed at which you can get the site launched in that specific country.