Growlers, Pressurized Ball And Lock Caps, And Microbrews For Days: What Beer Lovers Should Know

25 June 2019
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Hardcore fans of microbrews like to take samples of their favorites home with them. If you are just getting into the microbrewed beer craze, you may be thinking more about the beers and where to find them. As you get more into this particular trend, you will discover a whole new world belonging only to the true beer aficionado. This includes but is not limited to "growlers," ball and lock caps for growlers, and keeping microbrews fresh for days. 

What "Growlers" Are

People who LOVE their coffee have thermal travel mugs with lids that seal in the heat and freshness of the coffee, right? A "growler" is essentially the same thing for beer, except that it is much larger, made of glass, and looks like a miniature moonshine keg. Beer lovers buy and use growlers to purchase larger quantities of their favorite microbrews and other beers from a bar, and then take the filled growler home with them. They rinse out when empty, and the lids seal in the yeasty-ness of the brew so that it does not become stale and funky. 

What Pressurized Ball and Lock Caps Are

Every growler has a rubbery lid that fits part way inside the neck of the bottle-like container. There are attached metal components that help lock the rubber stopper in place and seal the growler completely. However, that rarely helps a growler keep the effervescence of some beers. That is why they invented the pressurized ball and lock caps. These caps add a little extra pressure to the growler to push the fizziness and yeasty-ness down into the bottle and keep it there so that it cannot escape. The result is a beer that tastes as fresh a week after you bring it home from the microbrewery or bar taps. 

Investing in Multiple Growlers and Pressurized Ball Caps

If you buy a half dozen growlers and pressurized caps, you can literally fill each one of these with a single microbrew that you enjoy. Then seal them shut and keep them fresh for a very long time. You will find that the beer tastes the same on Day 21 as it did on Day 1. You will also want to show fellow beer lovers your "collection" of growlers filled with the brews you all enjoy. They may be inspired to get into this trend as well. When each growler is empty, rinse and find a new brew to fill it. 

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