Hemp Seed Oil Vs CBD Oil | What's The Difference

21 October 2019
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You walk into a CBD oil shop and see something else on the shelves: hemp seed oil, and you find yourself a bit perplexed about the product. If you are going to buy CBD oil for its many therapeutic properties, it is always best if you are an educated shopper so you don't get confused about things like hemp seed oil. Here is a look at some of the things you should know about hemp seed and CBD oil. 

What is hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil is basically a nutritional product like sunflower seed oil or peanut oil. This type of oil is harvested by pressing the seeds of a hemp plant. The oil is often used to make certain health and beauty products, but it is also used as a cooking ingredient and is considered to be quite healthy to consume. 

How is hemp seed oil different from CBD oil?

Hemp seed oil is a nutritive oil that may only contain trace amounts of cannabinoids that naturally come from the cannabis plant. You can actually get really confused if you see hemp seed oil with CBD and an authentic CBD oil because they sound the same. However, CBD oil is harvested from the entire hemp plant and contains far more of those natural cannabinoids you are looking for. CBD oil is used for therapeutic purposes, and it would not be used for cooking. 

Why do hemp seed oils contain CBD?

Hemp seeds do contain some CBD, as well as some of the other cannabinoids. Therefore, when the seeds are pressed and the oil is harvested, it is only natural that you will get some of those elements in the oil. However, the small amount of CBD is nothing substantial. 

Are hemp CBD oil and hemp seed oil the same thing?

Hemp CBD oil and hemp seed oil are not necessarily the same thing, but they are derived from the same type of plant. Hemp CBD oil is just another name for CBD oil that is taken from the hemp plant. In other words, hemp CBD oil and CBD oil are two terms that are often used interchangeably. Keep in mind that some CBD products can be derived from regular cannabis plants instead of hemp. In these cases, hemp may be added as a descriptive term before the CBD oil so people know they are getting a product that did not come from a traditional cannabis plant. 

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