Three Things You Need To Consider When Booking Your Reception Venue

29 October 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog


Getting married is a wonderful occasion that you want to share with as many of your friends and family as possible. Not only is the wedding venue important, but arguably more essential to a great day is the reception. While so many people spend the bulk of their time organizing a stunning wedding venue, many forget that most of the day will actually be spent at the reception venue, so it is crucial you think about every feature that you will need in possible reception venues. Here are three things you must keep in mind when booking your reception venue.

Toilet Numbers And Location

The very last thing you want is to book a venue that has not enough toilets for the number of guests that you intend to have. This can create very awkward situations and just generally put people on edge. One bathroom for every 15 people is generally a good guideline, so the more you intend to have, the higher the number of toilets you will need. If you intend to book an outdoor venue, then you should think about how hard it is to get to the nearest bathrooms and how you will direct your guests to them.


It is easy to forget just how much of an important role lighting plays in large events, but when you are booking big venues, often the standard lighting is not enough to create the atmosphere you want. You need to consider booking additional lighting or even hiring professional lighting services to set up dance lights and other fun options that your guests can also enjoy. If the event is going long into the night, you want everyone to be able to see who they are talking to and, of course, you want the photos of your reception to look great as well!

Space For Cooking

The most important feature that most guests are looking forward to when getting to a reception is a good meal. But to have great food, you need a professional kitchen space nearby. If you don't, then you need to make that explicitly clear to your caterers and ask them how they plan to work around this. You do not want to find out on the day that there is no way to cook all the delicious meals you had planned out. A good kitchen space is vital for the success of any reception, so make that a priority!