Slow On Plumbing Services? How To Promote Your Drain Line Repair Service

21 December 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog


When you own a plumbing or sewer system service, you'll have lulls where service is slower than normal, even if you have a great need for your services in the area. Customers may not think about servicing their sewer systems, or they may not know about how often their drain line needs repairs.

If your plumbing business is not getting as much work as it normally does, you need to promote some of your more common services. Drain line repair service can be done on both residential and commercial customers and is often a service that customers don' think about, even if they need it.

Promote your drain line repair service in the following ways. In the winter months where pipes freeze and the warmer months where clogging and root damages can be more of a concern, this drain line repair service your company does can be promoted year-round. Here are ways you can do this.

Create an urgent need in your customers

You have to create an urgency for your drain line repair service in your customers in order to promote this end of your business. Repairs can be less time-intensive and require fewer parts and installation than new sewer or drain line installs do, so promoting this service to all your customers can lead to more service calls without overloading your staff.

Create this urgent need in your customers by letting them know of the signs of drain line issues, including stinking or backed up drains, leaks in a home or business's foundation, and other concerns. Once you let your customers know what a drain line is and why it's necessary, you can create that urgency in them to have drain line repair done before it becomes a more extreme repair or replacement need.

Create a cost benefit of the service

One of the things your customers will be concerned about is this: cost. While having drain line repair done on their lines can vary in cost, often the repairs are cheaper than full-on replacement or restoration due to damage of water lines in the future. Promote your drain line repair service by letting customers know the difference in cost between having this preventative maintenance done over other service needs.

Your customers will be likely to return to your company for more plumbing needs when you show them how beneficial drain line repair can be. Once you have done drain line repair for any of your customers, encourage a return service call by reminding them that routine maintenance checks are necessary to keep their plumbing systems working well.