3 Things To Know About Painting Your Towers

15 April 2021
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If you have a property that has towers on it, it is your job to take care of those towers. One of the best ways to take care of your towers is by making sure that they have a proper coat of paint on them. Paint will help protect the structure of your towers from damage.

1. Know What Colors You Can Use

As a tower extends up into the air, how you paint it is restricted. You have to consult with federal standards regarding the color of paint you apply to your towers. This likely means you are going to need to stick to international aviation colors for your tower. If you don't paint your tower one of the approved colors, you will face fines and penalties, and you will also be required to repaint.

That is why it makes sense to verify that you are using an approved color before you begin the painting process to save yourself from getting into trouble and doubling your workload. If you have a tower on your property, it is your responsibility to keep the tower painted adequately so that it is visible up in the air and doesn't get in the way of flight patterns.

2. Prep Work is Essential

Just like when painting a building, if you want the paint to look good and last for a while, you need to put time into prep work. Start by cleaning your tower. The easiest way to do so will probably be with a pressure washer that will allow you to use forceful water sprays at a distance to clean things up.

Next, you are going to want to check your tower for damage. If there is any damage to your tower, such as cracked or damaged surfaces, you are going to need to fix those damaged surfaces before painting.

Finally, you are going to want to use a primer on the tower. A primer is designed to help the paint bond more effectively to the surface and is a great way to ensure that the paint lasts as long as possible before needing to be repainted.

3. Use High-Quality Paint

When it comes to the paint that you use, not only does it need to be a color that is approved, but you will also want to make sure the paint is high-quality. The paint is going to be applied to metal outside structure, which means you should choose a paint that is designed for use on metal objects and that is designed for use outside. Don't use a paint that is designed for indoor usage; it will not get the same mileage as an outdoor paint will.

In addition to using high-quality paint, you will also want to apply a few coats once you start. That way, the paint is nice and thick on the tower and will last for many years without reapplying.

If you own a tower, you need to stick to federally approved colors when it comes to painting the tower. You need to prepare the tower for paint, use primer, and you must use high-quality outdoor paint designed to use metal structures for the best results. For more information, contact a tower painting service