Tips When Using Sticker Decals As Marketing Resources

26 May 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog


You've probably seen company sticker decals on vehicles before. They let people show off their favorite brands. If you have a business that you're looking to market, then you can use sticker decals as a marketing tool. They'll really work well if you use them appropriately.

Be Simple With Designs

If you attempted to put a bunch of elements on these sticker decals — such as words and pictures — then they are probably not going to work. They may not even be that appealing because there are too many elements getting in the way of what your company is trying to market.

A simple design approach definitely will be the better strategy. Your marketing efforts will make more sense and the stickers will actually turn out looking better. You just need to know what simple elements will have the biggest impact. Look at current sticker decals that other companies make to see what direction to take with your own sticker decals.

Don't Forget About Shape

It may seem like shape isn't that important of an element when using sticker decals to market a company, but shape makes all the difference in the world. It's one of the first things people that receive the stickers will notice.

Rather than going with a traditional circle shape though, you might try being a little more creative. Using complex shapes could make these sticker decals look more unique and thus get more people excited to put them on their vehicles, promoting your company for free.

Make a Statement with Wording

You definitely want to put some wording on sticker decals so that your company is marketed effectively. Make sure you're particular about the words you end up using. They need to really make a statement right off the bat.

Maybe it's a catchphrase that your company is known for or drawing the person's attention to a current trend. Spend time researching what words would be appropriate based on what you want your sticker decals to market. Just make sure you don't use too many words because then you would run into the aforementioned problem of having sticker decals that are too busy.

Sticker decals end up on a lot of vehicles today, which is why a lot of companies spend time making their own. If you're going with this marketing tactic, make sure your sticker decals have a purpose and elements that pay off.