Generator Repair Signs: Don't Risk Being Without Power When You Need It

1 February 2022
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If you have a generator installed on your property, you likely have it because you do not want to experience going without power. You should aim to keep your generator in the best condition if you want to reduce the chance of needing a generator repair. This requires professional maintenance and routinely checking it for damages and performance issues. The following points identify a few things that could mean a generator repair service is needed.

Failure to Start or Stay On

There are several things that can cause a generator to not start. This phenomenon is often related to a generator not being routinely turned on to check its performance. Gas-powered generators need to have the gasoline cycled. If it does not get cycled, it will age and can deteriorate. Lack of maintenance is often the reason why fuel is not cycled at the correct intervals, and it can also be a contributing factor to low oil levels. Another issue that can affect a generator's ability to start is a faulty battery. 

Sometimes generators will start up but repeatedly cycle off. Fuel and battery issues can cause this issue. However, it may also be an issue with the electrical components in the unit malfunctioning. Spark plugs and internal wiring can cause this issue and require a generator repair. Repeated shutting off and on could also be a sign of a unit that is overheating. Issues with performance should always be handled by an electrician especially if a unit has not been serviced or inspected regularly. 

Generator Leaks

Common leaks from generators are fuel and oil leaks. However, old batteries might also leak signaling a need to get a new battery. Check around the battery for corrosion. Keep in mind that it is possible for a battery to appear to be in good condition but be at the end of its lifecycle. Generator batteries can be recharged, and if that does not work the battery likely needs to be replaced. 

Visible Damages

Generators are built to withstand extreme circumstances. This means that cosmetic damages such as dents and scratches might be on your unit. Signs of corrosion, frayed wires, loose wires, loose hoses, and damage to fuel lines should be referred to a professional for generator repair services.

Generators can last many years when they are properly maintained. You can use an electrician as a resource to determine if you need a generator repair. They can also offer advice about maintenance schedules. Contact a company like American Tool and Fastener if you have questions about generator repair.